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Are your dentures causing you discomfort? Is bruxism interfering with your sleep? With years of experience and a dedicated team, Westmount Denture Clinic offers a full range of denture services to maximize your comfort. From mouth guards and relines to partial dentures and our Edmonton-based clinics are ready to accommodate your requests.

Whatever your age, the ability to lead the life you want is crucial to one’s overall enjoyment of life. Tooth loss is a reality for many adults and can be attributed to any number of factors. In addition to altering the appearance of your smile, missing teeth can lead to even more drastic physical changes in your facial appearance and can eventually lead to recurring jaw pain as your remaining teeth shift. Westmount Denture Clinic has helped adults, young and old, deal with the reality of missing or damaged teeth. Our locations can help with all of the following:


Types of Dentures:

  • Complete dentures

  • Partial dentures

  • Implant-retained dentures

  • Transitional/temporary dentures

  • Immediate dentures (complete or partial inserted after extraction)

  • Flippers

  • Precision dentures

  • Standard dentures

Related Services:

  • Sports mouth guards

  • Bruxism guards

Denture Maintenance:

  • Relines

  • Rebases

  • Soft liner

  • Polishing

  • Repairs while you wait

  • Denture supplies


  • Sleep apnea issues

We offer free consultations. Refer a patient or feel free to get in touch with us directly.

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