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For many years, the only way to achieve stable lower dentures was with dental implants—until now! While implant-supported dentures remain a great option for your lower ridge, Westmount Denture Clinic is now able to offer lower suction dentures. Edmonton clients looking for a non-surgical way to get comfortable lower dentures can now benefit from the latest technology. Using a new impression technique and a special device for bite registration, we can create suction-fit dentures that accommodates your speaking, chewing and tongue movements. While we still offer all of the tried-and-true denture techniques that we always have, this new style is a great choice for clients looking for new options to meet their lower denture needs.

Around 80% of patients are candidates for this type of dentures, so come speak with Westmount Denture Clinic to find out if lower suction dentures could be right for you. We’re BPS® Master Certified Denturists, and all denture patients can benefit from our experience and knowledge.

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